Providing healing through Bio Energy, Distant Healing, Graphic Stress Testing & Sound Therapy

Bio Energy Therapy can help to balance the client’s energy field allowing the body to begin it’s own natural self healing

Graham Gough Healing Therapy Testimonials

“After just 9 days, my colon tumour decreased by over half, leaving my operation to take less than half the time, making everyone amazed by my recovery. I’m just glad I went to Graham at that time in my life.”

70 year old, Co. Louth

“I was diagnosed with MS in June 2014. I had overall stiffness throughour my body and all joints on my left side causing pain of which my hip was the worst affected. I had treatment through distant healing and my energy levels have improved and the muscle stiffness I had experienced cleared. I would encourage anyone with any ailment to get in touch with Graham.”

31 year old, Cork

“I was diagnosed with depression several years ago. After several different treatments, somebody suggested I attend Graham. After just a few sessions, I felt my depression lifting a my confidence coming back. I continue to attend Graham in which he uses sound therapy to help my depression. Graham’s professionalism is outstanding, I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

35 year old, Co. Meath

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